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I used to be on Darkbox, 1-2 people would surely remember me. Returned like some other people just before Flash ends, for old times sake. Created this thread to find some other people from years ago. Does anyone remember the old darkbox squad? OCB, Benjamin, Niels, Julia, Fry., Wes, Prerigo, Siaro? Has anyone heard about them? I talk to Appie every few months.


Some of you might even remember this and take you back, someone used to have it in his sigature:


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waddup moe. i don't think too many people are still around. i hear OCB completely left the scene. think that's basically true for most of the DB crew. I think i saw Xix active at one point, and i know Why was still around for the reunion. haven't really seen anyone else

Think that was Prerigo's signature right?

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