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  1. It's exactly what happened. But we can still script!
  2. Hey, I have written the WallFurni extension for G-Python. It allows you to play around with your wall furni with a small GUI. You need PyQt5 installed. pip install PyQt5 Plans for the future: -Enter furni id manually -Keep furni position when moving items (its already blocking though) For both I first need to write the furni parsers for G-Python, which I will do in the future as well. https://github.com/kSlideHH/wallfurni_py You need the latest version of G-Python installed,. Then run main.py and specify the G-Earth port. Have fun!
  3. Hey, I have written an AutoWalker extension for G-Python. It allows you to add tiles to a list, and them automatically walk those list of tiles. This can be useful for mazes for example. There are 2 modes for AutoWalker: -Walk interval -Walk tiles Walk interval just runs between the tiles with a given interval (defaults to 1000ms) Walk tiles tries to detect if you reach the current target tile, and then advances to the next tile. It's not perfect though, I will improve on that with an autocorrection feature. https://github.com/kSlideHH/autowalker_py You need th