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  1. Foxtrot

    Hell O

    Deadman - oh the packet injection stuff with Chr 0 was even more fun before it could ONLY go in photos. That's just one place they forgot to or weren't able to block it from for a while. For a very short time, it was possible to use it in the mission (now motto) field, which allowed for some very insane server side stuff, including being a mutant again (which had been patched for a while), spoofing your name (like, you could walk around with any name that you wanted, which made it impossible to be banned or kicked, and to impersonate staff), display a staff badge, be a pet instead of a habbo,
  2. Foxtrot

    Hell O

    Hey everyone. In habbo, I am known as Jephyrr. I was an OG scripter, one of the first real ones anyways, you can read an article about me on habbox which is fairly accurate. I was the first to discover a ton of exploits and script tricks on .uk in 2001 - 2005. You probably heard more about my old pal SonicMouse because he was much more malicious than I was, and had no problem using crashes and errors against other people, as he didn't have any real ties to the habbo community. I operated more anonymously (because I did have ties, staff friends, and an account with lots of furniture), and less