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  1. waddup moe. i don't think too many people are still around. i hear OCB completely left the scene. think that's basically true for most of the DB crew. I think i saw Xix active at one point, and i know Why was still around for the reunion. haven't really seen anyone else Think that was Prerigo's signature right?
  2. Bryan

    Hell O

    Wow. What an absolute honor! you definitely had a huge impact on the community as a whole. are you and Sonic still in touch? The scene has had its ups and downs, there have been a lot of changes and you really can't do as much today as you used to be able to. bots, plugins, and assistants for games are the biggest focus these days. That said there's about to be a major shift as habbo phases out the flash environment, so we'll be seeing new tools and new methods soon. I was a noob during your prime (hell i'm still a noob compared to most big names haha) but i do remember you. I believe
  3. Share your playlists, top bands, current earworm etc! been digging Moe. lately! Top bands: Slipknot, System of a Down, Sublime, Korn
  4. This is habbo we're talking about. Sulake has invested too much to let it fail, and there's always new users. We've seen habbo change many times. from Shockwave to flash. Different encryption methods. Different client builds, entire server overhauls... The scripting community has a heartbeat, sometimes it's on an up, sometimes it's on a down. We've been on a strong up, but we're heading into another down. The leeches will fall off as there's no new easy way to script. I strongly encourage the content creators to hold back for a few months. Remember habbo is here, they are watching these posts,
  5. you really can't anymore. when you would try to trick the badge display into giving you a badge you don't own, this is what you would get. now you just error out.
  6. Bryan


    Howdeh. Bryan/Oil/LonelyHero/Bored_1 here. been around since 01. former mod at darkbox. coordinated a few raids, most notably the Giovanni memorial raid been in a few crews, none noteworthy. owned a few hotels, also none noteworthy. found and shared publicly the retro script to put your group badge in any room. sup?