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  1. Nice but habbo already took some actions : now photos previews are orange so making posters doesn't work but still, we can have some nice pics
  2. CptHenri


    User-friendly interface, idealistic for beginners and has a lot of features (btw, it's cross-platform, f*cking awesome)
  3. My think is that Habbo is slowly dying since a few years. The quarantine bought back some players (like meh) but still, stats are dropping. Maybe Habbo 2020 will get some new players to make the game revive but Habbo was created in 2000 and it's "concept" is really getting old. I'm afraid Habbo won't last if they don't either make a new game (not hotel hideaway, it sucks) either make a really big update with a lot of new features (and not only new furni). Really hard to tell rn