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  1. They won't work anymore. I think all in all its gonna be bad. I think they are rushing it, like they already say its "work in progress" and all, but we know Sulake very well. They never had that much competence in fixing bugs and doing stuff for the community. I think they will implement more ways to make money, I think that will keep being the focus. If they would honestly care they would involve the community more, maybe do one or two polls about feature priority if even just to give an illusion that our opinion matters. I am looking forward to all the 0-Days because I am 100% sure that Habbo is going to release some buggy HTML5 software. They don't have the expertise nor the time or money to release a full on habbo clone in less than a year. I am also sure they will have to remove a lot of features altho they also said that they are going to imporve the marketplace by a lot in the new release... Let's see if they'll make it to the deadline of December 2020