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  4. waddup moe. i don't think too many people are still around. i hear OCB completely left the scene. think that's basically true for most of the DB crew. I think i saw Xix active at one point, and i know Why was still around for the reunion. haven't really seen anyone else Think that was Prerigo's signature right?
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  6. Hi, Im looking for a module that can follow users with barely delay so you would stick to the user you follow, though your character shouldn't trying to stand in the person but like 1 or 2, or preferbly randomised square distance (so sometimes 1 square, 2 squares, 3 squares or 4 squares in the right direction), but you keep sticking to the user with every click he does. With a lock and unlock! It's for a retro that still drives on flash! If someone can make it, send me your discord! Regards, Dav
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    Same question, same answer:
  8. dema


    Hi my previous discord has been banned.. can I get access again to discord server please? been there for over 2 years..
  9. El comando no funciona,no perimite hacer ninguna función
  10. I used to be on Darkbox, 1-2 people would surely remember me. Returned like some other people just before Flash ends, for old times sake. Created this thread to find some other people from years ago. Does anyone remember the old darkbox squad? OCB, Benjamin, Niels, Julia, Fry., Wes, Prerigo, Siaro? Has anyone heard about them? I talk to Appie every few months. Some of you might even remember this and take you back, someone used to have it in his sigature:
  11. The Discord server is closed and there are currently no invitation links, you can try to contact @DarkStar851 .
  12. Hi, due my old account is banned I lost access to elbrah discord can you please send me an invitation best regards.
  13. Version 1.0


    Get Admin Rights | CS Random Motto VT:
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    Have a changing slogan Producers: Gerla - Moe VT:
  15. It's exactly what happened. But we can still script!
  16. Hey, I have written the WallFurni extension for G-Python. It allows you to play around with your wall furni with a small GUI. You need PyQt5 installed. pip install PyQt5 Plans for the future: -Enter furni id manually -Keep furni position when moving items (its already blocking though) For both I first need to write the furni parsers for G-Python, which I will do in the future as well. You need the latest version of G-Python installed,. Then run and specify the G-Earth port. Have fun!
  17. Hey, I have written an AutoWalker extension for G-Python. It allows you to add tiles to a list, and them automatically walk those list of tiles. This can be useful for mazes for example. There are 2 modes for AutoWalker: -Walk interval -Walk tiles Walk interval just runs between the tiles with a given interval (defaults to 1000ms) Walk tiles tries to detect if you reach the current target tile, and then advances to the next tile. It's not perfect though, I will improve on that with an autocorrection feature. You need th
  18. Sulake's bigger mistake was allowing pedos to run rampant throughout the hotel over the years and not adopting Mobile and embracing it properly. Most people on Habbo these days are on their phones. They also got rid of casino's which really ruined it for a lot of people. They should of hit casinos from the mobile apps instead if that were possible.
  19. You can use what Tanji uses under the hood to aide in this effort by the way. Tanji is a UI with libraries that are open sourced that it uses, so anybody reusing the same libraries could make their own client in .NET as well, or you could base your efforts off what was done there.
  20. Moogly

    Hell O

    Sweet intro, I played Habbo since 2002, and I remember the name of HobbiX, but not sure if I used it or not, if it was public then I may of tried it out (I tried out every piece of software back then) now that you mention it, the Habbo community scripting and retros did innovate things that Habbo didn't think of. I guess we can thank you for your heightmap editor in part, but Sulake added BC after retros were allowing users to expand floorplans long before it was a new feature. ;) I believe it was CHR(0) as well, I can confirm later from an old source.
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